1. At my studio last year

    Photo by Erich Vogel

  2. Second Saatchi talk, bunch of great interactive listeners ✌️😃 #saatchigallery #bodylanguage #chantaljoffe #artnerd #arttalk (en Saatchi Gallery)

  3. YES its true. Giving my second art talk at Saatchi Gallery this Thursday at 3pm. Will speak about three of the artist in display at ‘Body Language’. (en Saatchi Gallery)

  4. Afternoon chit chat.

  5. I love to wake up to emails like this. My piece ‘Dick’ which is a portrait of artist and wild dude Richard Evans has been included into a curated collection by Rebecca Wilson of art inspired by Pop Art and Pop Culture for Saatchi Art! Woopee http://www.saatchiart.com/art-collection/Painting-Collage-Drawing/Inspired-by-Pop-Art/153961/69051/view

  6. This is so beautiful, the inc. brothers and fka twigs makes so much sense. I am completely in love with this.

  7. After 5 years since our graduation from Parsons, me and Steff reunited in Los Angeles thanks to my show @journeytothecenterofmymind it was as if time hadnt passed. I left her in Hollywood in charge of my work with @eisenstein86 1 year later we reunite on her bday in London. Missed ya ma biche!!!!! Happy bday! (en Loong Kee Cafe)

  8. Common-Practise, a platform that promotes new emerging experimental artists working in the field of photography has included my work in their artists roster. This initiative was initiated by Louise Potzesny, a fellow Saatchi Gallery gal, make sure you check it out!


  9. Psychedelic Metal Nappers #galaknorr #studio (en New Elsewhere Studio)



  12. My pieces ‘River of Deviants’ and ‘Go Fuck Yourself With Your Atom Bomb’ are travelling half the world today to their owner and new collector in Los Angeles.

  13. The first time I heard of Pete Seeger I was in Paris and found out that he was the nutcase who went psycho and wanted to axe the cables that were letting Dylan ‘go electric’ at the Newport Folk Festival. Then realized that his music was fantastic, his songs have prevailed, and they will transcend time maybe not space but they will always let people connect to them, and feel the power of his words. Rest in Peace Pete Seeger, you were one stubborn son of a gun with a tongue of steel and the right conscience for an artist. 

  14. Wall crawling Jim  from ROBOTS»» art collective

  15. Jimmy Bumble from ROBOTS»» art collective