1. Psychedelic Metal Nap,

    Photo-Transfered Panels on Canvas,


  2. Philip Taaffe

  3. I declare myself a Sachsite

  4. Saint Andy and the Sinners of New York City

    Robert Mapplethorpe retrospective at Grand Palais, Paris

  5. Sacré Coeur

  6. Once upon a time this used to be the door to my home. I grew as an artist in Paris, and this was shelter to all the drinking, art fagging, shit talking, rock and roll dancing, and couch surfing for all those who I called my family when I lived in town for four and a half years.

  7. Black is back

  8. Mirror Reflections inside John J Presley's stage

  9. Blonde Bunny

  10. I once went to a concert at Birthdays thinking it was The Wytches who were playing, turned out to be another band called God Damn, I hated it. It was filled by douchebags throwing beer kegs around. But I managed to take a sweet photograph of Candela having actual fun surrounded by nineteen yeared old cave men.

  11. Spanish girls nonchalantly dancing to rock and roll at a strip club in Hackney.

  12. Carlos Rosel of Cannibal Carnival

  13. Delfine doing Dolphin things

  14. When it’s saturday night and your friend who came from China brought you cat ears.

  15. Miss Beth Fox at Francisco Gomez de Villaboa’s exhibition / charity event at the White Rabbit in Stoke Newington, London